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Why do I Write Spy Thrillers

I write spy thriller because I want to entertain my readers. I want them to escape their daily lives and to embark on hair-raising operations along with the best agents of the Canadian Intelligence Service. I want my readers to live precariously through the adventures of my fearless characters, Justin Hall and Carrie O’Connor.

I believe my readers are smart, and I trust them to follow my adventures without too much explanations of minute details or unnecessary descriptions. My readers can enjoy these spy adventures without needing to become experts in weapons technology, learn the special operations lingo or have up-to-date knowledge of complicated geopolitics of our ever-changing world.

My stories are clear and to the point, with plausible plots and credible storylines, with no word padding, and without being bogged down by political and philosophical discourses. 
Finally, I write spy thrillers because they give me a chance to do what I love. They inspire me to create adventures that can thrill my readers, encourage them to take a break from their stressful lives, and savor a taste of adventure, danger, and adrenaline rush.


FOG OF WAR is the third novel in the Justin Hall series, and it is my favorite in the series. Well, perhaps the second favorite after Homeland, my current work in progress. I wanted to write an explosive story, full of thrill and suspense, which took the reader to extremely dangerous places, as they followed trails of intriguing plots. I believe that I have achieved all that in this spy thriller.

FOG OF WAR opens us with a scene of a Navy SEALs Black Hawk helicopter going down over Somalia. Then, the story moves to northern Iran, where Justin Hall is helping with the escape of an Iranian nuclear scientist who wants to defect. This mission is compromised and Justin barely escapes northern Iran with his life. Now, he sets out to discover who has put him and the Service in grave danger.

Justin Hall develops quite well in FOG OF WAR. He is testing his limits and learning who he can trust and who he cannot. He will travel to some very dangerous places, hotbeds of terrorism and lawlessness, like violence-soaked Somalia and anarchy-ridden Yemen. I had lots of fun putting Justin in a lot of dangerous situations and then figuring out how to drag him out of there. He survives a lot of hair-raising missions, and at some point is forced to go rogue, in order to find the ones who have him on their crosshairs.


Ethan Jones is the author of the wildly popular Justin Hall spy thriller series. The first book in this series, ARCTIC WARGAME, came out in 2012 and reached the Amazon’s Top 10 Best Sellers lists in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The seventh book in the series, HOMELAND, is expected to be released this August.

Ethan Jones has also started two new series: Carrie Chronicles, another spy thriller series featuring Justin Hall’s partner, Carrie O’Connor, in solo adventures, and Jennifer Morgan romantic suspense.

Ethan is a lawyer by trade, and he lives in Canada with his wife and son.


To learn more about Ethan’s current and future works and to read exclusive author interviews and book reviews, visit Ethan’s blog at

You can also join Ethan’s Fans Mailing List at this link: Every reader who joins, will receive the book of his or her choice in the Justin Hall series for free.


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The day has finally come—the debut of my thriller, HARD RETURN.

Some of you might have met Cyril Landry in THE SHOP (Thomas & Mercer 2011). I met him on the same night you did—the night a group of people were murdered in a pine-log McMansion in Aspen, Colorado. Cyril Landry was the faceless killer and the leader of three other faceless killers. It was a walk-on part.

But on page 2, something happened. Landry touched his earpiece and asked the upstairs team how many people were in the bedroom.

The guy replied, “Two. A couple. They were laying in bed.”

“Lying,” Landry said.

“What?” (And it wasn’t just the guy upstairs asking the question. I was asking it, too.)

“Lying in bed, not laying,” Landry said.

The other guy, as nonplussed as I was, couldn’t think of a retort. Finally, he said, “Roger that.”

And a star is born.

You have to think of it from my perspective. Here I am, writing this walk-on part, and what does Generic Assassin #1 do? He decides to become real.

And Cyril Landry gets more and more real every moment he’s onstage, so, yeah, I end up giving him more and more scenes, and then the man just goes ahead and takes over half the book.

And I’m thinking: hey, this guy’s easy to write. He does all the work. So, being the lazy sort, I ultimately decided to give Landry his own book.

I did my best to stay out of his way and just watch him do his thing, and darn if we didn’t become fast friends.

So here it is, folks:

Landry’s maiden voyage with a book all his own.

— J. Carson Black, September 2014

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CRY WOLF, the 4th book in the New York Times and USA bestselling Laura Cardinal crime thriller series, is now available on in Kindle Store.  Get your copy now!  And be sure to read all the Laura Cardinal books in the series.  Bestselling author T. Jefferson Parker says of J. Carson Black: “Welcome to a strong new voice in American crime fiction.”

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