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By J. Carson Black

As you know, stories can come from anywhere. TV, newspapers, news aggregates, or just something a friend mentions.

I think everything out there is grist for the mill, like ingredients for my Salad Shooter. Anything can add to a story, if it can be used in the right way. It can be a plot point, or plot enhancement, or even change the story in an important way. When I set SPECTRE BLACK largely in New Mexico, Glenn and I had driven through many times, and stayed there often. Every time I saw a little snippet about New Mexico, it resonated with me.

For one thing, there was the brutality of the Albuquerque police force. This made national news. And another story drifted through my transom: a man stopped in Las Cruces on suspicion of secreting drugs in his, uh, body. Not only did they strip search him, they gave him TWO colonoscopies! (The good news? He didn’t have to have another one for ten years.) And then there was something else NewSpectre Black Small reflective(1) (1) Mexico cops did: they’d confiscate big-ticket items from offenders: cars, boats, even estates. When it comes to seizures, you can’t beat the rich. So what happens when a new-on-the-job sheriff’s deputy confiscates the sports car of the wealthiest man in town? The man whose father owns the sheriff’s office? Bad things can happen to the deputy who dares confiscate the son’s expensive and very special Camaro. That’s one scenario in my Cyril Landry thriller, SPECTRE BLACK.

This year, New Mexico cracked down on the confiscation of high-ticket items and also Albuquerque’s hard-ass cops. Not sure about the colonoscopies.

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