Crime and Thriller Novels By New York Times Best-selling Author J. Carson Black

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Hard Return

Five days a week, Cyril Landry watches from a distance as his daughter Kristal leaves school, his only chance to see her since he was declared dead. One day a gunman shoots up the parking lot, killing eight kids. Landry takes him out with a single sniper shot. Now he must find out if his family was targeted—and why.


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The Shop

Aspen, Colorado: a pop star is brutally murdered in her luxury chalet. Gardenia, Florida: a police chief is shot to death in a seedy motel—a romantic rendezvous gone wrong? Detective Jolie Burke isn’t so sure. As circumstances change with terrifying swiftness, Jolie finds herself teaming up with hired assassin Cyril Landry against corruption in the highest levels of government.

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The Bluelight Special

Cyril Landry is back – and fighting for the little guy.

When Therese Hill tries to keep herself and her fellow jockeys safe, she’s nearly killed in a fall on the race track. But this is no accident, and it won’t stop there. Can her friend Cyril, using the highly selective and persuasive tools of his trade, level the playing field?


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Spectre Black

When detective Jolie Burke flees home invaders, she contacts the only man she trusts: ex-Navy SEAL Cyril Landry. As Landry seeks Jolie in the New Mexico desert, he finds a town immersed in a quagmire of corruption–the ominous shape of something big. Hell comes in the form of a black Camaro, its deadly occupant bent on the destruction of all Landry holds dear.

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