Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon from New York Times Best-Selling Thriller Author J. Carson Black

When two newlyweds are found murdered at an Arizona campground, Laura Cardinal is enlisted to investigate. Still reeling from a tragedy of her own, teamed with a partner who’s working her last nerve, and with no solid leads, Laura’s already walking an emotional tightrope.

Then she meets the locals who greet her questions with silence and paranoia. The lies Laura uncovers create a chilling portrait of the dark side of love. And when she discovers one victim’s ties to an underground organization, she is plunged into a high-stakes conspiracy played out against the unforgiving backdrop of the Mojave Desert, where there are no second chances . . . .

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Dark Side of the Moon 5.0

Dark Side of the Moon takes you on a perilous descent into a shadowy underworld where light cannot reach, trust can be fatal, and the deepest truth is only another lie. Once again J. Carson Black delivers a harrowing nonstop thrill ride that will eclipse every other suspense novel you read this year!

New York Times Bestselling Author MICHAEL PRESCOTT

Dark Side of the Moon 5.0

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is a chilling, complex, well-written excursion into the dark side of human nature, but it also allows for the resilience of the human spirit. The author has a deft hand at setting the scene and creating authentic characters and then letting them steer the story. She has a compelling heroine in Laura Cardinal, one who was only thirteen when her own parents were murdered. To learn more about how well she's coped with that loss and how well she fairs in the future are only two of the reasons I eagerly await Ms. Black's next book.

Jane Bowers

Dark Side of the Moon 5.0

In this second outing featuring Laura Cardinal, J. Carson Black has added even further depth and substance to this already compelling character, making this read even more gripping than the first, for it's in this character where the strengths of the story lie. Creative and gripping from the first page forward, you'll find yourself hooked all the way to the explosive ending

Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader