Superstitions was Nominated for Best First Historical Romance by Romance Writers of America, and Sam was labeled a K.I.S.S. Hero in Romantic Times. Five stars

For more than a century, men and women have died searching for the fabled Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains. The mine has never been found.

– 1901 –

Raised by her father after her mother’s death, Billie Bahill grew up self-sufficient and strong, perfectly able to take over the reins to her father’s thriving cattle business when the time came. But Billie has her own ideas about life, including the man she chooses to love. When her fiancé is lured by the Lost Dutchman’s siren call, Billie, pregnant with his child, rides into the rugged country after him.

Arizona Ranger Sam Gray’s wife deserted him while he was away fighting the Spanish-American War. She took his small son and disappeared. He knew where to look for her–in the saloons and brothels throughout the West. Although Sam kept an ear to the ground, she always seemed to stay one step ahead. Now Sam is on the trail of two remorseless killers who have escaped into the Superstition Mountains, and this is where he encounters Billie Bahill.

Sam thinks he can rescue Billie from herself. But as it turns out, they have the chance to rescue each other.

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Superstitions 5.0

Meet Billie Bahill, recently jilted, pregnant and mad enough to go after the only man who makes her happy. She's about to do so when Arizona Ranger Sam Grey arrives on her father's doorstep. Billie won't let a shocking attraction sway her from her goal of saving her pride and child's chance at legitimacy. Sam has his own agenda-until fate throws them together in the most treacherous territory in the West. Delicious romance, inspired setting, and righteous characters make a divine excuse for forgetting to do the laundry. Ms. McKnight revives a good old-fashioned plot with her talent for using the perfect words.

Anne Black, Romantic Times