The Desert Waits

The Desert Waits from Best-Selling Thriller Author J. Carson Black

A woman answers a terrified cry for help…
A husband betrays his wife one last time…
The owner of an isolated hotel harbors a dangerous obsession…
A man succumbs to a fatal attraction…

They are four strangers whose lives converge on a lonely stretch of Arizona desert…four strangers brought together by the brutal murder of a beautiful woman. Each of them has a secret. And all of them have a reason to be afraid.

Now, someone else is going to die. For in the desert, under the merciless sun, there is no place to hide.

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The Desert Waits 5.0

(J. Carson Black) delivers yet again...this atmospheric morsel is replete with anecdotes on Arizona wildlife, corrupt rural cops and recognizable Tucson references

Tucson Weekly

The Desert Waits 5.0

Rural atmosphere and Hollywood glitz—with murder in the middle. Action and characters as sharp and prickly as the desert cactus

Carol Davis Luce, author of Night Stalker, Night Prey, and Night Game