Secret techniques of personal essay writing

J. Carson Black @

Writing a personal essay may seem to be an easy task simply because it doesn’t require research or any additional sources. However, it’s not the case. To write an effective personal essay is rather challenging. No wonder, students are looking for outside help from professional academic writing services like SnappyEssays. The truth is that even if you can tell a good story about your life, it doesn’t mean that you can write a good personal essay about that experience. After all, a personal essay is an academic paper that requires a strong thesis statement, not to mention that it should always be properly structured and formatted. Moreover, that’s not all! A really good personal essay should be appealing and catch the attention from the very first sentence. So how to succeed with such a task? If you want to impress your reader, consider the following secret techniques on how to do it right!

1. Your own voice
Don’t try to write like another person. Be yourself and always use your own voice. After all, it is the main thing that can show you as a personality and as a writer. Moreover, your voice is a strong tool that is guaranteed to make your story unique.

2. Reader’s reaction
Your essay should make the reader react to your writing, so ensure you give them such an opportunity. How to do it? The simplest way is to include all the important aspects of your topic without stating the obvious or giving all the answers. Let the reader draw their own conclusions to make them engaged and especially react.

3. Emotions
Whether it comes to joy, sadness, anger, or any other feeling your reader gets from your essay, your writing is really good. A personal essay is not an argumentative one, so don’t be afraid to include emotions in your work.

4. Sensory images
Use words appealing to the reader’s five senses to further engage them in your story. This is especially important if you need to describe food, your personal sensations, or even someone’s character.

5. Thesis statement
Your essay should be meaningful and, therefore, should have a clear central idea. To achieve this, you need to include your thesis statement in the first paragraph and confirm it in the last one. That is what makes a personal essay useful for the reader.

6. Strong characters
Readers love strong characters, so use it in your writing. You need to make them dynamic, memorable, and unique. After all, strong characters can bring your story to life. However, do not overdo it, as a personal essay is not a fiction, so be honest in what you are writing about.

7. Humor
Not that absolutely any personal essay should be a little humorous, but if you can include some funny facts in your writing – do it. Stories that contain pertinent humor usually create better readability.

Use these simple yet effective personal essay writing techniques, and chances are you will get an excellent paper able to impress any reader!